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I met with Aisling first in February 2015, just after our third IVF Cycle & transfer. I was in a really low place and suffering from huge anxiety as we had miscarried two babies following IVF the previous year.
I was absolutely petrified that we would miscarry again and was hardly able to face each day. 

Aisling worked with me to dispel the negative spiral I had worked myself into and over the three sessions, I started to feel so much more positive and confident about carrying to full-term. It was a really difficult time, however, bit by bit I began to feel normal again. I listened to Aisling's hypnosis tracks and repeated her affirmations religiously every evening for weeks, well past our 14-week scan. It was amazing and really helped me to relax and embrace pregnancy

I loved the tapping exercise too and used to do that regularly throughout the day when I was feeling shaky or any bit apprehensive. Also, I have become very accomplished at deep breathing from the deep throat breathing exercise that Aisling taught me. I use it to this day.

We are blessed with the most beautiful placid baby boy who is 6 months old now and I could swear it's as a result of all the deep breathing and relaxation not only during pregnancy but during the birthing itself.
One other thing I will be very thankful to Aisling for was for not allowing me to use her as a crutch, as I was desperate when I first went to visit. Aisling said that after 3 sessions I had the tools to help myself, which I certainly did, and there was no need to keep coming back for more! So thank you Aisling, I embraced my pregnancy and will be forever grateful for the gift you gave me! Kate - Dublin

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Hi Aisling,I Just wanted to let you know that the IVF transfer was a success and I got the positive result that I wished for. We are over the moon and going for our first scan next week. Just want to say a quick thank you, and I really appreciate all your help and I will come back during the next few months as I found the whole process very relaxing and enjoyable. Maybe you could send me some info. on hypnobirthing that you mentioned. Sheila -Co. Meath

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Hi Aisling, I wanted to drop you a note to give you some great news!
After 3 IUI’s, 4 IVF’s, one miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy, loss of a tube, low FSH and to top that low ovarian reserve!
I am finally 18 weeks pregnant! and ecstatic that I have made it this far.

I have to say when we met I just knew that I should have come to you sooner, and I would be really happy if you could share this on your web as I never thought to think that my emotions and stress levels were in the way. In fact I was so afraid of what I’d have to share with you yet when we meet you were so understanding and made it so easy for me, that before I knew it, all the emotion was released safely and when I asked you how do I get pregnant based on all that had happened to me,you got me to a place that made me feel I could be with the possibility of being successful in conceiving.

I want to thank you for all the great work you did with me from Hypnosis, Tapping and Guided Imagery- it worked a treat! I have praised and recommended you to so many people Aisling.  Jacinta–Meath

baby hands                  Wishing You The Very Best On Your Journey To Conceive